2022.01.16 07:01 Captanakin .

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2022.01.16 07:01 Bobnos85 Who has been a fan since Showbiz ?

Just curious - how many people here have been with Muse since the Showbiz days ? As a 37 year old who bought the Muscle Museum single on its release , I’m starting to feel like I’m part of a minority here on Reddit !
I’m Interested to see if there are other fans since Showbiz about in this thread and get their take on the constantly evolving Muse.
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2022.01.16 07:01 Puffin_fan Darfur killings, attacks, robberies continue with impunity

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2022.01.16 07:01 Blank_eye00 Menawhile CSIR National Aerospace Laboratories Bangalore to carry out the Flow diagnostics and flow control technologies for futuristic unmanned fighter aircraft(FUFA).

Menawhile CSIR National Aerospace Laboratories Bangalore to carry out the Flow diagnostics and flow control technologies for futuristic unmanned fighter aircraft(FUFA). submitted by Blank_eye00 to IndianDefense [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 07:01 Trill_Rizzuto For people in ten or more leagues, how are you (or not) diversifying your rosters?

This past season, I happily completed a project of owning at least 1 share of nearly every top-100 dynasty player (SF, PPR, TE Prem) across my portfolio of leagues…. Doing this of course required a TON of time/effort to acquire different players via startups, rookie drafts, and trades (note: also very fun!), and also results in fewer shares of “your guys” in each relatively equal value tier… But in the end I’ve been very happy with the results, making the playoffs in nearly every league and making significant profit on my entries. I still have some players with 4-5 shares and a select few with 7 or 8, thankfully one of whom I hit BIGTIME on with Deebo Samuel.
I could see this method, however, resulting in a lower ceiling for winning leagues. And I suppose it may not be as fun as going hard for “your guys” and having clear rooting interests every week. What are your thoughts and strategies, fellow high-volume league portfolio players?

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2022.01.16 07:01 Historical_Yak_872 Nia jax has been eliminated whos next

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2022.01.16 07:01 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Science] - Australia has decided to 'let Covid rip.' Is that a good idea? | NBC

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2022.01.16 07:01 Loopy_Legend [Hiring] Landscape/character Artist for multiple pieces!

Looking to hire an artist to do landscape, cityscape, character and combos of all 3 for my animation series.
Budget per piece can be from $50 - $100 AU depending on what piece and your skills. Might offer more for right artist.
About you
- Must have experience.
- Provide portfolio please with samples of at least 2 or all 3 styles mentioned above.
- Must sing an NDA to do the work.

Please PM me your portfolio link and a brief explanation of your history in concept artwork.
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2022.01.16 07:01 PsychologicalTwo9196 Any areas around Greensborough?

Any dogging spots around grennsborough and the surrounds
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2022.01.16 07:01 spooky-the-insomniac LF 2 low tier neon legendaries [ no dragon, metal ox, kitsune, golden mummy cats ]

Offer #1 - 3 T-rex [1 ride] and golden mummy cat

Offer #2 - 3 goldhorn [1 fr 2 ride] and robo dog

IA for either is NFR king bee.
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2022.01.16 07:01 Alternative_Fox_6881 30 [F4M] looking for dates and more

I hope I’m not too old for this! I’ve been single for too long so I’m seeking for deeper and meaningful connections. I won’t deny the fact that I’m craving for intimacy and sex but I’m definitely not looking temporary flings. Let’s get to know each other slowly and see if we can take things to the next level? No pressure!
I’m a low maintenance girl who’s game with drive thru dates. Laid back personality coz I don’t want any complications. If you’re professional, decent and easy on the eyes, message me!
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2022.01.16 07:01 Swimming-Concept1733 bruh

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2022.01.16 07:01 aging-emo-kid Help With Ghosts of the Tribunal [PS4]

I recently bought the anniversary edition of Skyrim for my PS4 and it's been a blast going through the all CC content. However, I've been struggling in particular with the Ghosts of the Tribunal quest: whenever I enter Ashfall's Tear, I'm greeted by a wall of rock that I can't get past.
I have tried everything to fix this. Disabling my mods, reloading saves, etc. and nothing has worked. I finally got the idea to look for a mod that removes the wall and I found one, but I can't install it! I get a pop up that says the mod "cannot be installed since it depends on files that aren't present." The thing is, these files have to be in the game because I can at least access the entrance of the dungeon and am able to craft some of the items this Creation offers via a smithing mod I already had installed in my game. I'm at a loss for how I can fix this. Does anyone have any ideas?
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2022.01.16 07:01 Qwertje Wanted: aloo gobi recipes

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2022.01.16 07:01 vinny2cool I was scammed recently. Do I have a recourse against my bank in small claims?

TL;DR Customer service told me it was ok to unblock my card after it was blocked after a suspicious attempted transaction. Scammers subsequently cleaned out my account to the tune of some £6.5k
I received a notification from the app about a attempted suspicious transaction on my card for about £30 worth of roubles and so they have blocked my card. I contacted customer service via chat on the banking app and confirmed that indeed it was a malicious transaction, and upon inquiry was told quite emphatically by the customer service agent it's ok to unblock my card - 'The scammers will not be able to charge my card again, the account is safe etc.'
Well, by very next day, overnight, there were multiple charges (mostly around £99 worth of Roubles) till my account was drained. There were few smaller charges apparently with physical card use on a taxi app and even a KFC in Moscow!
I appealed and escalated but the bank says 'they don't see ay suspicious activity on the account' and the investigation is now closed with no further chance of appeal
All the discussion about whether if was fair or unfair for them to deny my refund claim aside, can I go to small claims as there is not an ounce of doubt in my mind that I would not have unblocked the card if the customer service rep hadn't told me to. Are they liable due to consequence of the bad advice.
Anybody has any experience going against a bank in small claims? All your advice really appreciated.
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2022.01.16 07:01 thyme_of_my_life “Doctors warn against dangerous 'Sleepy Chicken' TikTok trend” - I’m honestly just tired you guys…..

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2022.01.16 07:01 myszT_1 In what situation do i use Grasp of Undying and when i use Conqueror on Camille?

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2022.01.16 07:01 straywolfo "I only read the pages with king Floch" moment

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2022.01.16 07:01 Cheap-Violinist-466 The old was doesn’t :(

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2022.01.16 07:01 eyepacth we can bond with anyone if we work with them

I think our primary way to communicate is through our action. We lag behind in terms of verbal communication. What is your opinion.
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2022.01.16 07:01 abidly Djokovic to be deported from Australia, court rules - Trending News

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2022.01.16 07:01 silentmoviescream Saw this post and immediately thought of this sub!

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2022.01.16 07:01 Clark37 [pjo] Guys hear me out… Lena Heady as Sally Jackson.

Like she would be perfect. Lets make it happen. Get it trending on Twitter. 🤣 But seriously.
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2022.01.16 07:01 ToryFirstOfHisName WhAt FiLm Or SoNg wOuLd Be rUiNeD iF iT wErE wRiTtEn LiKe tHiS (CaMeL cAsE)?

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2022.01.16 07:01 iamcalifw 🐕 Mega Floki Launched 1 mins ago| Renounced + Liquidity Locked 🔒 |Early Low Cap just launched✅ Audit & KYC 🔥 ❌ Anti-Dump 🚀GEM x1000 moonshot | FairLaunch 💰| Just Launched

🐕 Mega Floki 🐕
WELCOME TO " Mega Floki " 🎖
Telegram : https://t.me/megaflokiofficial
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Alright guys, you all are so early 😍 Huge profit coming..... Yes... We make sure all is ready and safe and in few mins time ... We will be renouncing ownership soon .... Great time to bag more, Perfect time if you are getting this now.🥳 Mission Bringing people together through the ease of our Bsc transfers, strong community, and push for sustainability. We may be strong apart. But we’re better when we’re grow together. This is safe. Liquidity is locked and ownership is renounced. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.
✅ Buy & Sell 0%
✅ Locked Liquidity
✅ Verified Smart Contract
✅ Promos after launch
✅ Based Team
✅ Stealth Launch
✅ Liquidity locked
✅ Total supply 1,000,000,000
✅ White paper is out, see website
Telegram : https://t.me/megaflokiofficial
Contract: 0x6689e240a2817a34e65947d40dfe26b3a985a1d4
Pancakeswapv2 : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6689e240a2817a34e65947d40dfe26b3a985a1d4
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