People of Reddit, what is one time where you went completely rogue in your school?

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2022.01.16 08:05 TehEpikDuckIsComing People of Reddit, what is one time where you went completely rogue in your school?

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2022.01.16 08:05 rhyfti Ladies how attractive is it when he stands behind you and nuzzles his chin right in the crook of your neck and hair?

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2022.01.16 08:05 PreparationNorth8353 I was almost bald until almost so I decided to do something with my hair, as a child I had hair over my shoulders and it was lovely and soft now I feel like I have a dead hedgehog on my head, I want to let my hair run over my eyebrows and make curls , some maintenance advice would help me.

I was almost bald until almost so I decided to do something with my hair, as a child I had hair over my shoulders and it was lovely and soft now I feel like I have a dead hedgehog on my head, I want to let my hair run over my eyebrows and make curls , some maintenance advice would help me. submitted by PreparationNorth8353 to malehairadvice [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 08:05 aliendealer Aviary ailment

I am in the oregan campaign now and don't know how to get the ambulance thing into my aviary how does it work?
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2022.01.16 08:05 HelicopterShield Is the possibility of attaching a drone to my being and then flying it can it support my weight?

Could it fly up mountain??
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2022.01.16 08:05 BescotBanter "We Weren't Ruthless Enough" - Matt Talor Reacts as Walsall Suffer ANother Defeat

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2022.01.16 08:05 Irish_Silver_Fox Do you think $20k Bitcoin will happen by June 2022?

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2022.01.16 08:05 sirjoey150 Back in S1, why didn't the titan that ate eren gain the attack titans power?

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2022.01.16 08:05 115-81Ar An Interesting Project I Hope You Can Help Me With...

Today I have just found the legendkeeper beta- a world building app that allows you to add to a map you choose points of interest and wiki articles and helps you create a map filled with interesting ideas...
30 minutes ago I decided to try it out with the map of Drakkenheim and I gotta say, it has a lot of potential but it will require a lot of work... I am going to keep working on this project as long as my 14 day free trail allows me and then I will use the result in my game. And as it looks right now, it won’t be near complete in time...
However, I can invite other people as guests to also work on the project if I am not mistaken. And if I am not mistaken you could also gain access to the final project, but I am not sure about that...
So here you can help me, if you want to gain access to this project and help me create and add articles you are free and welcome to join!
You only need to send me your email so I can send you an invitation.
This can be a fun project this subreddit can work together on for the benefit of all Drakkenheim dungeon masters out there.
So go check it out! You might find it useful for you...
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2022.01.16 08:05 greensupercar How to Stop Pulverizing Nuts During Clean

Hello weightlifting, I'm a powerlifter who has been lurking for a while and recently I've been trying to learn the clean. One problem I have is that I sometimes hit my balls so hard with the bar during extension that I have to take a 10-20 minute break. I would post videos but they all show what university I go to.
I am aware I have some issues with keeping the bar close and not slamming my quads into the bar, so is there any specific work I can do to learn proper extension and where contact should be made? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.16 08:05 datajoblist [Hiring] Newly opened data positions (4 total) – remote openings

Job title Company Location
Sales Operations Specialist - Data Analyst Kinaxis Remote in Canada
Senior Data Scientist 6sense Insights, Inc. Remote in United States,
Software Engineer, Machine Learning - Search, Recommendations, Notifications Discord Remote in San Francisco, CA
Data Analyst Human Interest Remote in San Francisco, CA US Only
If you are interested, we have more positions in data science, engineering, and AI
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2022.01.16 08:05 TheLastVault [XB1] H: flux (any/all) W: 50c per

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2022.01.16 08:05 SwordoArta Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata - The Summer You Were There (Chapter 8)

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2022.01.16 08:05 MarshallBrain Check out this modified bike/kart/car/thing

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2022.01.16 08:05 Mediocre-Clue-914 iSoul

Are DLSU Innersoul members being trained/guided in singing by a teache coach when they enter the org? Or they simply have to know how to sing a hard song by themselves?
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2022.01.16 08:05 ozzii_13 Do pistols get unlocked by progress?

I'm in the middle of chapter 3 right now and when i check out the "pistols" page in any gunsmith, i only see the "volcanic pistol". Do the other pistols get unlocked or something after progressing further? To be specific, I completed the mission " The Course of True Love - III." and then checked out the gunsmiths. Is it too early for pistols?
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2022.01.16 08:05 angladi Air fried chicken drums in bacon , Chicken Drums in bacon

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2022.01.16 08:05 Independent-Cow2383 Someone told me this in 2018

"You can't be vegan cause you're fat"

Today, I lost lots of weight and I'm anorexic, is it because B12 deficiency?
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2022.01.16 08:05 Renxer0002 Overwatch 2 Rumor Warns of Major Downgrade

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2022.01.16 08:05 ShadowXYZ04 which style icon to focus on?

rn I have price at 87 and karlsson at 90 (loving them both btw) but I’m not sure who I should focus on upgrading, as I doubt I’d be able to get karlsson to 94 anyway. so do I get him to 92 or price to 90?
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2022.01.16 08:05 notbluuet I am ass where you have to combo in games and I hate it.

An example would be DMC5. I just don’t understand how you people can create strings of stylish combos with correct button timing, dodge at the right time, and manage multiple enemies at once. This shit is so frustrating :(. End of rant
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2022.01.16 08:05 DapperMayCry Can someone clear something up for me?

Okay so after rewatching Flame of Rebirth's every shikai in Bleach, I have become confused to the nature of the fake Tensa Zangetsu Zanpakuto. Rebirth says that Ichigo's Zanpakuto ability is Getsuga Tenshou. One problem, Isshin's Engetsu uses Getsuga Tenshou during the everything but the rain chapters. Also, Shikai and Bankai usually have different abilities, but they also still relate. After rereading volume 19 to make sure, I have decided on Ichigo's Bankai ability being a mastery over shunpo. So what is his Shikai ability? Zanpakuto abilities are usually exclusive to the Soul Reaper (by usually I'm talking about the Hyourinmaru paradox) so it can't be Getsuga Tenshou since Isshin uses it. My honest idea is that the fake Shikai Zangetsu has no ability, and is simply a melee weapon like Nozarashi. I'm only talking about up to volume 56, since after this we learn Ichigo was using a fake Zanpakuto. Basically I'm asking about the Zangetsu butcher knife.
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2022.01.16 08:05 DoobyScoots (・8・)

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2022.01.16 08:05 fappingjack LBI 133 days. ...

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2022.01.16 08:05 ionutandreiciobotaru The church from the Solca Monastery, Solca, Suceava county, România [4000 x 3000][OC]

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