z6d69 ybn9d 5bkdk i3rdb fse23 4habh 93bbt azyrz 2h29k ahask d25hi taytb 5t57y i8f6n 5tzst 8t499 dbz8i 8rkt9 rksfh bseik tb6ey Wall mount for an Aqara Hub M2 |

Wall mount for an Aqara Hub M2

2022.01.16 06:41 JBDragon1 Wall mount for an Aqara Hub M2

Does anyone may a wall mount for the Aqara Hub M2? I want to mount mine on the wall to have easy access to it when programming new devices. Then have it up high on my server rack. Now sure why they didn't have a hole in it to hang it up by. I don't want to use something like Velcro which would cover up the back and rip off the Homekit sticker. I would have thought someone would have made a simple bracket to be 3D printed out. I was able to buy a few other 3D-printed brackets.
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2022.01.16 06:41 Penpianaple I’m loving this new gameboy

I’m loving this new gameboy submitted by Penpianaple to Gameboy [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 06:41 Sinderohm breakfast burger, breakfast of champions

breakfast burger, breakfast of champions submitted by Sinderohm to burgers [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 06:41 boobbolo Do you like Scream (2022)?

Pros and cons. What did you like and what you didn't?
View Poll
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2022.01.16 06:41 indian_bird_11 Why are liberals such morans? Do they no there so stuped? Cause they are'nt to smart.

Libtards are morans and their to stuped to except any fact that dosent sapport there narritave cause they dont no anything mabey you should of lisened in school than you mite not be so dum your a discrase to are country get a bran loosers your so stuped weather you no it or not I wish you new how stuped you are your rediculous you have no sence and your dumness effects the rest of us cause it gets other libtards elected you should’nt be aloud to vote you dont deserve those rites you should be band
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2022.01.16 06:41 tickeron_community ETF Pattern Channel up QDIV on October 20, 2021

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2022.01.16 06:41 KarMik81 I have become friends with smaller picks. Here is black Jazz III and my handmade elkhorn pick which I use all the time. I have to also make small wooden pick some day.🎸❤ More pics and picks from link in the comments.🙏🙂

I have become friends with smaller picks. Here is black Jazz III and my handmade elkhorn pick which I use all the time. I have to also make small wooden pick some day.🎸❤ More pics and picks from link in the comments.🙏🙂 submitted by KarMik81 to guitarplaying [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 06:41 Jeromelvvack Vintage Retro Waterski

Vintage Retro Waterski submitted by Jeromelvvack to WaterSkiing [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 06:41 Wopple-Man Are there any other history figures like Wittgenstein whose position/image changed so much that they are often regarded as if they were two different people?

In the analytic field of philosophy, Wittgenstein made his original work while quite young, and thought he had "finished" philosophy. Then he went on a professional hiatus for a couple decades, and came back releasing he was wrong the first time. So he wrote a second work that was completely different.
The contrast between both works, as well as the contrast between the individuals who wrote them, have been noted extensively. Apparently early Wittgenstein was kind of arrogant, strict, and objective, and his work shows little mobility for differing opinion, while later Wittgenstein had more humility, was more open, and his work was focused on contextual changes (so not objective).
I often see these two starkly different characters addressed as if they were indeed two different characters: Wittgenstein the early and Wittgenstein the later.
One example would be in a book I have that summarizes the works of key philosophers, each philosopher getting one chapter to summarize their works. Wittgenstein had two different chapters, in two different sections of the book. He was the only guy with more than one chapter, and he each chapter addressed him as if he were different from the other Wittgenstein.
This kind of approach to discussing him has always interested me, because I think it's remarkable for someone of historical context to have such a change of character that he becomes almost two distinct different people when discussing him.
So I was wondering, are there any other historical figures whose behavior changed incredibly over time, to the extent that people often address them as if they were two different people?
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2022.01.16 06:41 RamRanchCowboy77 femanon is sad

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2022.01.16 06:41 Own_Kick_497 22 hmu let's chat anyone skiing

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2022.01.16 06:41 OrangeCandy59 What are you expecting from ‘Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness’ ?

Hey, wanted to know your thoughts and ideas that you wish to see in the movie. What do you think they will be doing? Who do you think you will see?
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2022.01.16 06:41 Airline_Individual Very fucking nervous

Im13 got a game in 3h im super nervous bc the only goaltender today and if i do shit i cant be swapped Any help to be less nervous?
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2022.01.16 06:41 MathematicianBrief76 🤖Robot Shiba Inu🤖Stealth Launched 10 Minutes🤖 Ownership Renounced 🤖 Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM 💎, Unique & Genuine, ✅ Focused to learn people how to get financial freedom.

🤖Robot Shiba Inu🤖Stealth Launched 10 Minutes🤖 Ownership Renounced 🤖 Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM 💎, Unique & Genuine, ✅ Focused to learn people how to get financial freedom.

🤖Robot Shiba Inu🤖

🤖Telegram: https://t.me/Robot_Shiba

Contract : 0x44b2e0e0a4f4e92673a6a7d424d2f3d8c254ea2f

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🤖Let buy and hold Robot Shiba Inu🤖


🌟Tax Buy/Sell : 0%

💯Base Dev.

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This is an hyper-deflationary meme token

The altcoin season is coming and the hype around them is growing. 🔭

It's just launched and market cap will be extremely small! Could be another chance to get in

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👀Website, White paper & roadmap to be released asap within a day

LP locking

Website and roadmap to be up

Scheduled CMS for consecutive pumps and to kickstart the popularity of this token

Use case confirmed
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2022.01.16 06:41 2ndroof My POIS

I have only one POIS symptom which is weaker voice and lower volume. I’ve tried taking Ashwagandha because I thought it was testosterone related, although I’ll get tested anyway. I’ve had this symptom since forever and it’s only when I ejaculate (had several non ejaculatory orgasms due to wet dreams). Anyone has the same problem? Any possible fix?
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2022.01.16 06:41 JackM0429 any way of changing to night games?

I saw someone on Operation Sports say you can make games night time with the DB editor but is it true? and How do I do this?
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2022.01.16 06:41 entrepreneur707 New Kanye smile unlocked

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2022.01.16 06:41 FallCompetitive7976 16-January I am still here

It is 16-January 09:41. I am resigned.
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2022.01.16 06:41 NoamEG can't argue with this logic.

can't argue with this logic. submitted by NoamEG to technicallythetruth [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 06:41 xshankkx If I had that level of confidence in life

If I had that level of confidence in life submitted by xshankkx to dankinindia [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 06:41 izhar12 Anyone have used Mibox S 4K remote on Chromecast with google tv? Does it work correctly? If anyone have both devices please check and tell me

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2022.01.16 06:41 Apprehensive-Friend3 Arcutis new drug - help for reading scientific publication

Hi all,
As you may know there will be soon (2022, 2023?) a new treatment on the market : a roflumilast foam !! I had a look at the scientific publication but unfortunately I am not able to understand it fully cause I do not have any scientific background, I am not a dermatologist, a doctor or a physician.
The publication can be found here : https://www.arcutis.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/AU003-21-EADV-2021-study-203-poster_LA08_FINAL.pdf or https://www.arcutis.com/publications/?_publications_search=seborrheic
I was wondering if someone can answer my questions : in the publication it is written that "at week 8, 73.8% of patients achieved IGA success at each visit (vs 41% for the vehicle)". Does it mean that the remaining 26.2% does not achieve IGA sucess at all? Does it mean that for more than 20% of the patients the drug does not work? And what about after week 8 : can the percentage of patients achieving IGA success continue to increase?
Many thanks for your help!! And do not hesitate for those who had the opportunity to test this new drug to give us your feedback!
All the best!
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2022.01.16 06:41 Boring_Excitement334 How do I overcome this?

It's been like a week or so, maybe two, I've been in this streak but nowadays I feel so tired all the time and my mind is constantly trying to trick me into relapsing.
Literally, I can't be asked to do meaningless work and all day I am just thinking about my terrible situation that seems to have no resolve.

Lastly, I come here to ask for your aid, as this reddit forum has helped me a lot to overcome my past fears and problems.
So I question you, how do I get out of this hellhole?
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2022.01.16 06:41 DutchSapphire I really like his style!

I really like his style! submitted by DutchSapphire to pokemongo [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 06:41 Money_Mrgn_ Should we talk about the behavior of Harvey ?

Ok I need to express myself in this point. I used to rly like Harvey. But then when he goes on Ros I started to find him especially lame. Alright he broke up with Sabrina bc of the tragedy with his brother. It s kinda twisted but I can get why he dump her. But then jumping on ros literally 2 episodes later ???? Dude come on she is the only female caractere you talk to. Try to reflect on yourself a bit more. No? You jump on the best friend of your ex? So classy … what he is missing his mum so he needs to compensate with a female presence in his life ? From season to season I started to dislike him more and more. I still find his relationship with ros kinda cringe and it didn’t surprised me when he failed to turn back ros from statue.
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